world radio day commemoration

on the 13th of February MACRA joined the international community in commemorating world radio day under the theme “Radio and Sports”.
MACRA in collaboration with UNESCO organized an event held in Monkey Bay where community radio stations were trained in sports journalism at Dzimwe community radio station.

speaking during the function director general for MACRA Mr. Godfrey Itaye affirmed MACRA’S continued support towards the nurturing and growth of local radio stations. “radio remains to be a powerful tool of communication as it surpasses geographical, language, gender and political barriers.
” MACRA shall also continue to hold various training workshops to equip local radio stations with skills and knowledge in report writing, content generation, financial management, editorial policy development and project proposal writing.

in line with the theme a netball game was played between Lisumbwe secondary school and Monkey Bay CDSS. where the winning team walked away with MK 40, 000 and a computer. The runner ups walked away with MK 20,000 and a computer. Dzimwe community radio station was also gifted a computer for hosting the event.