Type Approval

What is it?
Type Approval is the process by which any Radio Equipment and
Telecommunications Terminal Equipment is authorized by MACRA to be used
in Malawi having verified the equipment’s compliance with the applicable
standards and requirements.
Countries do Type Approval (certification, registration or declaration of
conformity) in order to have legal basis for the connection of such equipment
to the existing public networks without affecting the operations of the
Equipment / product must be labeled to demonstrate compliance to
established standards, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and general
Who can Apply for Type Approval?
MACRA undertakes approvals for received applications from entities such as
(i) local and international manufacturers,
(ii) authorized dealers,
(iii) licensed operators,
(iv)companies, and
(v) individuals so long as they meet the required approval procedure by
submitting the requisite documentation.
MACRA’s Equipment Type approval /Certification Procedures
1. An application for type approval certificate must be made to the
Authority through the office of the Director General.
2. Valid documentation for the equipment and/or must be included in the
a) Manufacturers’ technical documents and specifications.
b) Type approval Certificates from renowned, verifiable and Authentic
Type Approving Institution.
3. Upon approval by the Authority, a proforma invoice will be issued to the
4. Processing fee of $300.00(Three Hundred U.S. Dollars) is charged per
Equipment. MACRA may from time to time revise this fee and will
properly inform the applicants of the changes.
5. Certificates will be issued after proof of full payment.
Equipment to be Type Approved
Provisions 5(2)(j) and 5(2)(o) of the Communication Act Cap 68:01 of the
laws of Malawi specify two categories of equipment that have to be type
approved namely:
1. Radio Equipment e.g. Transmitters, Transceivers, antennas.
2. Telecommunications Terminal equipment e.g. mobile phones.
3. Any Interference causing Equipment e.g. Short Range Devices
Below is how the provisions read in the Communications Act of the laws
of Malawi :
5(2) (j) to establish a type approval regime for terminal equipment, to grant
approvals and to ensure that type approval procedures are adhered to;
5(2) (o) to establish technical requirements and technical standards in
relation to-
(i) radio apparatus; and
(ii) interference-causing equipment, or any class thereof;
Why Type Approve?
The main goal of the type approval regime is to ensure that all Radio and
Telecommunication Terminal Equipment that are used in Malawi comply with
the applicable technical standards and requirements.
Equipment Type Approval ensures that new equipment coming to Malawi
does not cause Interference to existing systems. It is therefore a mandate that
all equipment specified for type approval must be examined for approval to
operate in Malawi.