Stakeholders comment on draft National broadband strategy

Consultants from the UK based firm InterConnect communication recently presented the national broadband strategy draft to key stakeholders from the academia, telecommunication and service providers, internet service providers as well as government officials at workshops which took place in Blantyre and Lilongwe.

The Consultants have been working with MACRA to give technical support in development of the national broadband strategy.

The development of the strategy which is in its final stages, started in September 2017.

Speaking during one of the workshops, MACRA Director General Mr. Godfrey Itaye stated that broadband access will help promote economic development and social equity while promoting public health, safety and educational opportunities for all Malawians.

Mr. Itaye said that though the country has seen a growth in the ICT sector through the emergence of 3G and 4G networks, there is still a digital divide, with a tele-density of 19% according to the NSO and MACRA 2014 survey.

“The Broadband Strategy together with its implementation plan will provide a holistic and coordinated approach in ensuring that high-speed and reliable networks are universally accessible throughout the country,” he said

In his presentation Eric Tyson of InterConnect Communication emphasized that the national broadband strategy is not a static document, rather it is dynamic as it shall adopt the changes and new developments in the ICT sector over the 5 years of its implementation.

Tyson stated that the final copy of the strategy will be ready in May 2018 and will be presented to MACRA.

The workshop was aimed at presenting the draft national broadband strategy to key stakeholders to get their feedback and comments on the strategy.


Eric Tyson of InterConnect Communication presenting the draft national broadband strategy.

national broadband strategy, stakeholders workshop.

MACRA’s Director General Godfrey Itaye giving his opening remarks