New Principal Secretary in the ministry of ICT familiarization tour of MACRA

The newly appointed Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology, Dr. Esmie Kainja, says she is impressed with MACRA’s progress in connecting under-served communities in the country.

She was speaking after touring MACRA offices yesterday and Thumbwe Telecentre in Chiradzulu today. The telecentre falls under MACRA’s Connect a Constituency/School project which has set its sights on connecting every constituency in the country to the Internet.

She noted that the telecentres were creating a space where rural communities could connect with the world, helping students access learning materials and supporting business persons acquire access to markets.

“My plea to you is to encourage young girls to stay in school and develop an interest in ICTs as well as aid women to use this facility so that they learn and develop business skills,” she said.

Representing the MACRA Director General, Technical Advisor on Digital Migration, Dr. Benson Tembo, said the Connect a Constituency/School initiative is in its third phase and intends to construct at least 30 telecentres.

“We are really proud that this is one of the truly meaningful projects where the Government of Malawi through MACRA is empowering rural communities and schools to have an opportunity of accessing information and knowledge which in the past were a privilege of a few urban elites,” he said.

During her visit to MACRA yesterday, Dr. Kainja visited the Spectrum Monitoring Unit and Van, the Consolidated ICT Regulatory Management System (CIRMS) and Broadcasting Monitoring Unit. She also met members of MACRA’s management.

In the pictures, highlights of the PS’s familiarisation tour.