Malawi set to carry out an ICT access gap analysis study

The government of Malawi through the digital Malawi project is set to carry out an ICT gap analysis study with technical assistance from the Commonwealth Technologies Organization (CTO).

Speaking at a stakeholders meeting with the country’s postal and telecommunication sector, MACRA director of telecommunications Henry Silika commended the study stating that it had come at the appropriate time.

“MACRA through the Universal service fund is set to carry out various ICT projects in the underserved areas of the country with the aim of bridging the digital divide. In order for us to effectively carry out this task there is need for us to get a clear picture of the ICT gaps in this country”. He said.

In his remarks the lead consultant from CTO Dr. Martin Koyabe was optimistic that the study will yield the desired outcome which is an effective map of the country’s ICT gaps and its needs.

The study is set to identify target areas, define universal service fund interventions and map the various interventions to their appropriate areas.

The country’s communication sector has taken a keen interest in these projects as they are set to improve their overall service delivery and reach.

The director of telecommunications Henry Silika further highlighted some of the challenges the ICT industry is facing in the country.

“Our goal is universal ICT access for all, we want everyone to be connected in this country, however the reality on the ground is that some areas which operators deem uneconomically attractive and hard to reach still remain underserved. As an ICT regulator we hope to reach these underserved areas through the ICT projects under the universal service fund” he said.