Malawi launches child online reporting portal

A child online reporting portal and Tithandizane helpline android application have been launched in Malawi.

The Minister of Gender, Children, disability and Social Welfare Dr Jean Kalilani launched the two tools in Lilongwe.

The launch was part of the international child helpline day commemoration which is celebrated each year on 17th May and this year’s theme was “Inclusion and Technology for the child’s wellbeing”.

Speaking at the ceremony, Dr Kalirani said the two tools are very key in ending online child abuse including cyber-bullying in the country saying government is dedicated to the protection of children.

“The coming in of technology brings both good and bad effects and among the bad effects is the exploitation of children, the government of Malawi thus is launching the reporting portal to ensure that children are safe on the internet” She said.

In his remarks, Minister of Information and Communications Technology Hon. Nicholas Dausi advised the public to embrace the systems and use them wisely so that they can richly benefit the country.

The child online reporting portal was developed and will be hosted and managed by the Youth Net and Counseling (YONECO) with the help of the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF).

The online child reporting portal and Tithandizane application is the 21st Portal to join the IWF’s global network.

The portal will allow Malawians to anonymously report child sexual abuse imagery they may stumble across online, using a web-based form, so that any illegal images and videos of children can be removed

MACRA through the E-Transaction and Cyber Security Acts of 2016 is mandated to ensure cyber security to all internet users specifically child online protection.