MACRA sponsors Best ICT journalists of the year MISA Award

MACRA this year resumed its sponsorship towards the ICT MISA awards category after a two year break.


The awards are given out as part of World Press Freedom Day (WPFD) celebrations which is commemorated on May 3 every year.


The ICT awards recognized excellent reporting on ICT as a key development issue for Malawi and the stories focused on the link between ICT and development.


At this year’s Awards, Yamikani Yapuwa of Malawi News Agency (MANA) and Thomas Kachere of MIJ FM won the ICT award in print and electronic media respectively.


MACRA contributed over K1.5m towards the event.

Thomas Kachere investigative journalist MIJ FM Best ICT journalist (Electronic)of the year 2018 winner

Yamikani Yapuwa Assistant Information Officer Malawi News Agency