MACRA holds dialogues on conflict management

MACRA is among stakeholders engaged in dialogue with various stakeholders on conflict management in the face of demonstrations and court battles.

The Authority recently held a meeting with secretary generals (SGs)of various parties in the country.

Addressing the meeting, MACRA’s director of finance, Ben Chitsonga said SGs have a responsibility to ensure peaceful demonstrations in Malawi.

“As SGs, you hold the key to peaceful demonstrations, party members are under your control and as you give interviews, we appeal to you that you do so in a manner that will build our nation, Malawi,” he said.

SGs and party representatives to the meeting

As a regulator of broadcasting services, MACRA has also oriented broadcasters on conflict management and responsible broadcasting.

“We need not undermine our power as broadcasters. The masses look up to us for immediate, detailed and trusted information. We must aim to satisfy the audiences with information that is accurate and crucial in the building of Malawi as a country,” he said.