MACRA commemorates Safer Internet Day


This year Malawi joined the rest of the world in commemorating Safer Internet Day (SID) under the theme “Together for a better Internet”.
SID is celebrated each year on the 5th of February.

Speaking at a press briefing which was held in Blantyre at Ryalls hotel, MACRA’s director of internal audit Fearless Malulu highlighted the importance of online safety for all especially children and young adults.
“Every half a second, every day, a child goes online for the first time – tapping into all the great opportunities the Internet has to offer, but facing grave risks. This is a call for us to protect them from sexual exploitation, cyberbullying and the misuse of their private information”.

This year MACRA has partnered with ICTAM, YONECO, MHub and Facebook in its commemoration of SID.
The planned activities included a press briefing, panel discussion and an education outreach programme to secondary schools and an ICT training workshop for 7 secondary schools in Lilongwe.