MACRA set to carry out spectrum refarming exercise

Following the congestion on Malawi’s Frequency Modulation (FM) band, MACRA is conducting consultative meetings with the broadcasting industry on refarming the radio spectrum.

MACRA has engaged a United Kingdom based consultant, Casitel led by Dr. Davood Molkdar, to carry out carry out the audit and replanning exercise of the country’s FM band.

MACRA Director General, Godfrey Itaye, told the broadcasters that the FM band was so congested and had reached a saturation point thus unable to accommodate new users.

“Having observed the situation, MACRA is carrying out a spectrum audit and refarming of the country’s FM band in order to make more channels available and accommodate more users,” he said.

The audit is a tool through which MACRA will fulfill its mandate of creating and enabling a conducive environment for the growth of broadcasting services in the country.

Itaye further stressed the importance of holding the consultative meetings,

“It is through these meetings that we are able to get your views and inputs which will be used as the backbone of the project, we hope that at the end of the project everyone will feel that the process was all inclusive and reflects the aspirations of the broadcasting sector in Malawi,” he said.

The exercise aims at freeing up space on the FM band to allow the resumption of frequency assignment to both old and new broadcasters.

After the exercise MACRA is set to deliver a report to its stakeholders on the outcomes of the audit and the refarming process.