ICT Minister visits MACRA

Minister of ICT, Hon. Nicholas Dausi, recently commended MACRA for establishing telecenters in the country’s rural areas which he said are a stepping stone towards the achievement of universal access to ICT  services.

The Minister made the remarks when he visited MACRA on an orientation tour.

“I personally want to see you make an impact on the Malawian society in as far as ICT development is concerned.

“The beauty about telecenters is that they are physical and this has an impact on the rural communities for they are able to see for themselves what is on offer in the structures that MACRA has established among them,” he said.

The Minister also urged MACRA to treat Public Sector Reform areas as a priority in order to achieve efficiency in the public service delivery in the interest of national development.

“Your areas of reform  such as Smart City and Forensic laboratory  are very vital in this information age and I urge you to make them a priority” he said.

Other areas of reform that MACRA is set to implement for the immediate term include the Physical Addressing and Post Code Project, E-Waste management and Spectrum pricing.

Apart from telecenters in the rural areas, MACRA is also implementing other projects such as the Connect a School.