Hon. Ndau tours Goliati telecentre as MACRA Deputy Director General looks on

The Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Honourable Malison Ndau, has pledged to promote the use of ICTs in Malawi’s schools.

The Minister was speaking during his visit to the MACRA funded Goliati Telecentre in Thyolo. The visit was part of the Minister’s familiarization tour of institutions and projects under his ministry.

“ICTs are the lifeblood that fuel the growth of economies worldwide and if Malawi is to register remarkable economic growth we need to promote the use of ICTs in our schools,” said Hon. Ndau in reference to the Connect a School project which MACRA is implementing.

The Minister commended MACRA for the Connect a School project saying it is more likely to transform people’s lives and have a long lasting impact on schools and communities than another MACRA funded Connect a Constituency project.

Through the Connect a School project, MACRA renovates schools and furnish them with ICT equipment and internet connectivity. In the Connect a Constituency project, MACRA works with local management committees to construct telecentres and equip them with relevant ICT equipment.

Hon. Ndau said he would personally encourage legislators to embrace the Connect a School project as it would use already existing school structures to spur the creation of ICT skills and the uptake of ICTs in communities.

The local entrepreneur running the Goliati telecentre, Mr. Felix Chome, told the Minister that there has been remarkable interest in ICT services since the telecentre opened its doors.

“The power of this facility is always shown when old women travel from far and wide to receive money that is electronically sent to them by their city based children. It is always empowering and satisfying,” he said.

The telecentre also provides photocopying, laminating and binding services and is a favourite among the students of Malawi University of Science and Technology, which is situated a few kilometers away.