ICT For Development Department



The ICT Department within MACRA is responsible for implementing policy directive concerning the growth of the ICT sector and ensures that there is a conducive environment for the growth of the ICT Sector. The Communications Act (1998) and the Communications Sector Policy Statement (1998) are the prevailing legal instruments in the ICT sector.
Activities in the ICT Department are categorized as indicated in Fig 1 below:

Figure 1: Functions under the ICT Department

Policy and Planning
MACRA facilitates ICT Development in the country through implementation of government policies with respect to the ICT sector and is obliged to create enabling environment through formulation of regulations for the ICT/Telecommunications Sector.

MACRA licenses telecommunications networks and service providers and hence processes and analyzes license applications related to the provision of ICT/Telecommunication networks and services

Monitoring and enforcement
MACRA monitors the growth of the ICT sector in order to provide relevant policy advice to the Government with respect to the ICT sector.  Further MACRA ensures telecom operators submit technical performance audits and analyze their performance with reference to the licenses terms and conditions.

ICT Project Management
MACRA implements ICT development Projects through project design, planning, monitoring and evaluation of ICT Projects. MACRA implements these projects in liaison with different stakeholders including, the Ministry of Information and Civic Education, rural communities, development partners (donors), and telecom operators.

Further, MACRA is a government agency on the implementation of Universal Access Programs which are aimed at addressing ICT access gap in the rural and remote areas of the country. Universal Access programs are a deliberate government policy aimed at assisting telecom operators to provide networks and services to the rural and remote areas which operators perceive to be economically non viable.

Research and Development
MACRA is responsible for promoting research activities in the ICT sector and is therefore involved in managing, coordinating and conducting research studies on ICT development projects.

Information Technology
The ICT Department is charged with duties of designing, developing and implementing Information Technology for efficient and effective delivery of its services. This is achieved through ensuring that electronic data of the Authority is secure, and records are maintained regularly and that the Authorities website, email systems and ICT equipment are in good working condition at all times.