Economic Affairs

The Economic Affairs Department is aimed at promoting competition, innovation and investment in respect of services and facilities provided in the telecommunication, broadcasting and postal sector whilst promoting universal access to competitive, effective, reliable and affordable services and ensuring a range of diversified quality of services to meet consumer demand. The department is also aimed at carrying out various market studies and analyses on the development of communication services in Malawi in line with government policy and agenda.

The department has the following functions:

  • Study and analyse tariff structures levied by telecommunication, postal/courier and internet operators to consumer well-being and fair competition;
  • Collect, process, analyse, and organize data about markets, products, services and service providers;
  • Inform the market and general public on the state of the communication sector in the country;
  • Monitor market behaviour, competition and pricing by service providers of the communication sector;
  • Undertake economic and financial analysis of business plans submitted by operators/ potential operators to the Authority for appraisal;
  • Develop and review the licensing regime;
  • Assist in monitoring the licensees to ensure compliance and participate in international forum to ensure the Malawi regulatory regime is comparable with best international practices;
  • Regulation of interconnection;
  • Undertake systematic market studies, assessments and comparison of pricing of communication services nationally and internationally;
  • Conduct industry performance reviews;
  • Provide advice and guidance to other units of the Authority.