The Broadcasting Directorate is responsible for licensing broadcasting services in the country. It also monitors broadcasting stations and enforces rules and regulations as contained in the licences.


Licensing of broadcasting services is determined by the need for such services in a specific area after conducting a research. MACRA then invites applications from the general public (through the press and government gazette) for the provision of the services.

The successful bidder is announced after the evaluation process. However, licensing takes place after MACRA and the bidder have concluded licence negotiations. The licence becomes operational only after it has been gazetted and this process can only take place after payment of the required fees by the licensee to MACRA.


The department has a broadcast monitoring unit that monitors the performance of broadcasters in the country. In 2011 a state of the art broadcasting monitoring equipment was procured that enables the unit to monitor all broadcasting stations whose transmission signal reaches Blantyre.


MACRA through the broadcasting department formulated broadcasting regulations that shall guide and govern the broadcasting industry in Malawi. The Ministry of Justice is reviewing these regulations. The department was also instrumental in the process of formulating the ICT policy which government approved in 2013.

An updated list of broadcasters in Malawi can be downloaded on the following link:UPDATED-LIST-OF-BROADCASTERS-2018