Broadcasters set to adopt new FM Band Plan

Following the congestion on spectrum FM band, MACRA conducted a spectrum re-planning exercise with the aim of optimizing the FM band plan with minimal interference.

Currently the FM band is carrying more than 80 licensed radio stations, the FM band reached its saturation point and thus unable to accommodate any more users.

Following the congestion MACRA suspended awarding of frequency licensee.

The authority engaged consultants from to CASITEL to assist with the audit and re-planning exercise.

Speaking at a stakeholders meeting with the country’s broadcasters MACRA’s DG Godfrey Itaye  said that the re-planning exercise will be a tool in which MACRA will fulfill its mandate of creating an enabling environment for growth of services in broadcasting.

“the growth in the broadcasting sector has led to an increased demand for channels for both existing and new licensees, and an increase in interferences of frequencies especially in our boarder regions. All the above challenges need a more efficient planning and utilization of the FM band, it is therefore our duty as a Regulator to ensure the proper management and allocation of spectrum hence the re-planning exercise” Itaye said.

a report was presented to the country’s broadcasters and the recommendations adopted.

broadcasters are expected to commence the implementation phase with the help of MACRA.

below are the highlights of the meeting.