Consumer Affairs Unit

One of the mandates given to MACRA under section 4 of the Communications Act Cap 68:01 of the Laws of Malawi is Consumer Protection.

The Consumer Affairs Unit (CAU) is established pursuant to this mandate to champion and safeguard Consumer Protection in the sector through educating and enforcing consumer protection obligations.


The Unit is currently established under the Legal Department and is headed by the Deputy Director of Consumer Affairs.


 The functions of the unit include:

  1. Developing and implementing Consumer Policy;
  2. Monitoring and enforcing Consumer Regulations
  3. Addressing, investigating and resolving communication consumer complaints between the communication service providers and consumers;
  4. Developing and implementing consumer awareness/education outreach programmes;
  5. Facilitate formation of consumer protection alliances and consultative forum;
  6. Keep under review trends in consumer reaction and facilitate market research on consumer behavior and expectations in Malawi;
  7. Carry out any other activity necessary and incidental towards advancement of communication consumer protection.